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Category Archives: Pin Badges

The Pin Badge Manufacturing Process Explained

Pin badges, also known as lapel pins, are small metal pins that you can wear on your clothing. They’re often used to show off membership in a group, recognise achievements, or promote a cause. 

You might have seen people wearing pin badges on their jackets, backpacks, or hat. They’re incredibly popular among schools, businesses, and […]

The Benefits Of Custom Enamel Badges For Employee Recognition Programs

Employee Recognition Is An Essential Part Of Any Successful Business. Recognizing your employees’ hard work and achievements not only helps to boost morale and job satisfaction, but it can also help to improve productivity and employee retention. One way to recognize and reward your employees is through the use of custom enamel badges. Enamel badges […]

Unlocking the Power of Enamel Pin Badges: A Charitable Fundraising Game-Changer

Enamel Pin Badges Have Become Increasingly Popular In Recent Years. And not just as a fashion accessory, but also as a powerful tool for charities to raise awareness and funds for their cause. In this blog, we will explore why enamel pin badges are useful for charities and how they can be leveraged to achieve […]

Why Custom Pin Badges Are Great Branding For Your Business

Finding creative ways to brand your business, charity, or event is essential in an era where we see “buzz” and social media posts translate to consumer awareness and therefore success. Enamel pin badges help set your business apart from the mountain of competition, and show a creative marketing strategy that’s totally unique, and gives the […]