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Holy Moly Dips

Holy Moly Dips: A Fusion of Taste and Artistry

Our exciting collaboration with Holy Moly Dips saw the creation of unique badges, reflecting the brand’s dedication to flavor and health. We focused on three distinct designs, each meticulously crafted to represent their popular dips.

  • Avocado Badge: This badge, in vibrant shades of green, represents Holy Moly’s iconic avocado dip. Made with black dye plating and soft enamel, it perfectly captures the dip’s freshness.
  • Holy Moly Logo Badge: Featuring the bold Holy Moly logo, this badge symbolizes the brand’s commitment to quality. The black dye plating and soft enamel technique give it a sleek, professional look.
  • Red Pepper and Tomato Salsa Badge: A lively representation of their zesty salsa, this badge pops with color. It’s as lively and inviting as the salsa it represents.

Each badge boasts black dye plating and a soft enamel finish, ensuring durability and a premium feel. We used a butterfly clasp for ease of use, and every color was precisely pantone matched to maintain brand consistency.

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