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Why Custom Pin Badges Are Great Branding For Your Business

Finding creative ways to brand your business, charity, or event is essential in an era where we see “buzz” and social media posts translate to consumer awareness and therefore success. Enamel pin badges help set your business apart from the mountain of competition, and show a creative marketing strategy that’s totally unique, and gives the consumer something of value. Below are the reasons that enamel badges are so amazing for businesses.

Unique Branding

Because there’s so much competition across all industries, businesses need a marketing strategy that feels unique and one of a kind. Custom pin badges can be designed with any logo, color scheme, design, or style. They give businesses the opportunity to create a distinctive look and feel that can and should be cohesive across all marketing. This increases brand awareness and allows customers to recognize your logo whenever they see it online or in the world.

Lasting Value

There are a lot of marketing tactics that work well for the moment but fade almost instantly. Business cards can be unique, but generally, after a day in a wallet, they become damaged and likely end up in the trash. Pin badges have lasting value because they don’t break and are worn in visible areas. Pins stay with customers far longer than other marketing materials, and they give consumers the feeling of getting something valuable for free. As customers wear your logo around town, they increase the buzz for your business, which helps increase sales.

They’re Affordable

While pin badges may cost more than business cards when we consider how much more staying power they have, they actually end up saving us money. Beyond cards, other promotional products can come at a high cost, not only financially but in terms of time. Companies like Black Rooster make it easy to design your business’s pins and order them at a cost-effect price.

Enamel Badges Are On Trend

If you take the time to design and create a cool retro-style pin badge it’s almost a guarantee that customers will wear them. Right now, pin badges are seen on denim jackets, backpacks, and tote bags, with many having even begun to collect them again.

They’re Social Media Approved

Along with brand awareness in the real world, having your business be recognizable in the digital marketplace is highly important. The more opportunities you give customers to take a pin and post a picture with it while tagging your company, the more traction you’ll gain online. Offering a pin with purchase, or handing them out for free at your store or event will create a natural photo-op for customers and gain your business followers and online purchases.

Black Rooster is a company that specializes in customizable pins, specializing in soft and hard enamel pins, as well as metal and printed pin badges. We offer some of the best prices for the highest quality materials so that your promotional pins can last as they gain your business the attention it deserves.