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Willy Wonka Badges

Welcome to the World of Willy Wonka Badges!

Step into enchantment and collectible wonder with our exclusive Willy Wonka badges. Crafted in collaboration with a passionate Wonka aficionado, our 15 unique designs celebrate the movie’s timeless magic.

Masterpieces of Manufacturing Techniques

Each badge is a masterpiece, employing diverse techniques – from 3D metalwork to screen printing, glitter enamel, and intricate cut-to-shape designs. Some badges even boast an impressive 10cm diameter, making them larger than life!

Homage to Iconic Elements

Explore a collection honoring the movie’s iconic elements: the Wonka boat, Mike Teevee, Violet Beauregarde, and more. From celebrating 50 years of Wonka wonder to capturing memorable scenes, our badges embody the whimsy and nostalgia of this beloved tale.

Dive into Collectible Wonders

Browse through images showcasing our diverse designs. Each badge is a treasured collectible, inviting all Wonka enthusiasts to enter a world where imagination and the magic of Wonka come to life through our exclusive collection